Trim the fat
Being a middle-age man, the hardest part of fat to trim is around the middle i.e. tummy, there is a say in Chinese : 中年发福, it is kind of a common “curse” among the middle-age man and I am of no exception. But no, I am not going to talk too much about such “fat” here. What I am talking about are the “monetary liability fat” e.g. the credit card balances, loan repayment, “good to have” expenses etc..
In Singapore, the temptation to put on such extra “fat” is very high. Shopping malls (big and small) sprung up in almost every major housing estates and it is hard not to spend just a little bit extra to “enjoy” the more expensive stuff (quality is subjective though).
As we are left with only slightly less than 2 months for 2014, it might be time for all of us to …