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Can Financial Literacy Be Taught?

You know what? This exercise is already an answer by itself. Sort of.

How many of you who commented had attended a “proper” Financial Literacy class?

I’ll bet none.

But that didn’t stop you from knowing what you know now. Wink.

Preaching to the choir boys or pagans?

There are some frustrated “investors” who wished schools had prepared them better, thinking their lives may be better if they had gone through a “proper” Financial Literacy class…

Anyone done Civic Classes in school? How about Home Economics? Technical workshops?

Are we practicing what we have been “taught”? You don’t return trays at fast food outlets and hawker centres, do you?

Me? I worked for IKEA and got do technical workshops during my junior secondary school days; yet when it comes to assembly of furniture, I’ll gladly pay someone to do it for me!

The only technical thing I can do is to change a light bulb. And if the sink is choked, I’ll scream: “Ma! The sink is overflowing. Call the plumber!”

Saving more

Everything we need to know about basic Financial Literacy is already taught during the first 10 years of our school life.

You got learn about simple and compound interests during math class right? Can count right?

The virtue of savings and waste not. You never read fairy tales or attend Sunday spiritual classes?

At best, a basic Financial Literacy class is simply an aggregation and amalgamation of things we already know into one nice cookie-cutter “recommended” textbook.

You know, for those too lazy to do mental exercises on their own. Have to be told what to do, where to go. Some need to be herded; yet at the same time complain big daddy interfering too much into their lives!?

So yes, the low level skills of Financial Literacy can be “taught”. Especially if its under the category of “Saving more”.

But it’s effectiveness is probably as good as Morality classes…

Earning more

When most people speak about Financial Literacy, what they are really after is: “How do I make more money?”

And that is up to the individual whether these higher level skills can be taught – depending whether you are faith based or evidence based in your reasoning skills.

This is right up the same alley as:

Are entrepreneurs born or made?

Are super salespersons the result of nature or nurture?

Can everyone make good investors?

I mean there’s really no harm to attend a fiery seminar and get all fired up with “If you think you can, you can!” kind of preaching. Pocket a little lighter that’s all.

But after the adrenalin rush is over and come Friday afternoon, I’ll bet you would have forgotten your new goals and resolutions made during the weekends…

Do read the comments in my previous post by readers. It seems most are of the opinion you have to be your own cheerleader.


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