He shuffled in, trying to look inconspicuous. But I noticed him straightaway. It was my job after all, to be observant, for I was the exam invigilator. And he, in his worn yellow tee, stood out from the mostly “white uniform” crowd.

The gentleman looked in his 50s. The balding patch on his head was obvious, a stark contrast against the youthful exuberance in the school hall. All of them, students and private candidates, were here to take the national ‘O’ level exams.

He sat down at his designated chair, and drew out a small red plastic bag, the kind available at wet markets. He took out his stationery and placed them on the table carefully, shifting them about till he seemed satisfied.

He then looked at the wall clock and still squinting hard, took his reading glasses up to see the time again. He looked ready, and even eager, …