POSB is giving another low hanging fruit for us to pick again.

I’ve blogged about a previous exercise here and here where POSB celebrates National Day with a 1.5% pa bonus if you put in fresh funds for 3 months, up to a cap of 10k. Well, it must have been hugely successful and drawing a lot of new funds for POSB, because they are doing it again with some conditions upsized.

This new exercise that POSB is doing is a little different. It gives 1.5% pa interest for a period of 6 months, up to a cap of 20k. To qualify, you must:

1) Register here by 22nd Dec 2014 (inclusive of that day)

Take note that the sequence is a bit different from the last exercise. In the last one, you have to deposit your funds first THEN register. For the current one, you have to …