Bear market is scary only when the Bear hits us hard! Damn hard!

How did Uncle8888 feel during past Bears?

1987 : Where got lots of spare money to put into stock market?

Most of his past saving gone into HDB, renovation, wedding and honey moon; but not to the Bear.

Me no pain felt!

Other people pain.

1998 : Not much money in the stock market

Children ate money. Not Bear!

But, this time he personally witnessed the great pain and suffering of financial losses by close relatives. One of them was near bankruptcy due to share financing scheme provided by Finance companies.

Leverages is always a double-edged sword.  

Can avoid. Avoid. No free lunch in making fast money.

Me no great pain felt but learned something very important.

Till today, home CEO still don’t believe in the stock market to create wealth. The Unforgettable Pain!

2009:  …