Back in a time when LMFAO was the shit and their danceable hit Party Rock Anthem was unavoidable at clubs, my boss approached me at my desk one carb-loaded sleepy afternoon when I was slouched deep into my chair like a narcoleptic sloth, and tapped me on the shoulder. I thought he was going to reprimand me for dozing off in front of my Bloomberg screens while I had client orders to manage, but instead he asked something mysterious.

“Do you know how to shuffle?”

I straightened up in my seat to desperately pretend I was fully awake and frowned at him with confusion, my mind racing furiously to decode what the possible alternatives to the question I most certainly must have misheard could be.

Seeing my furrowed brow, he elaborated with “Like the new dance that everyone is talking about. Everyday I’m shuffling, you know that one?”