Daily Market Opinion for 03-Dec-2014

STI managed to rebound yesterday and avoided further fall yesterday. This was achieved buy a gap up opening as actualization starts to happen after a day of panic selling. The bullish start continued for the first few hours of the day as bargain hunters entered the market. But it only managed to hit a high of 3337 level before it started to drop. Suspected force selling happened during a certain hour of the day had caused STI to fall drastically to hit a low of 3304 level before rebounding. For the 2nd half of the day, trading volume was listless as the gains gradually reduced. At the end of the day, STI was seen closing at 3322.32 level, with a gain of 16.68pts. Last night, DJI gained 102.75pts. As of this morning, SGX had announced trading hours to start at 12….