Background of Lee Metal Group

Lee Metal Group Ltd is engaged in steel merchandising, fabrication, and metal recycling activities primarily in Singapore, the ASEAN countries, and Australia. The company manufactures and fabricates reinforcing mesh and other manufactured mesh; processes fabricated reinforcing bars; and trades steel and metal materials and/or products.The company is also involved in the property development, construction, and management activities.

Reason why I decided to look into this stock

As some of you might have already known, I am very interested in high dividend yielding stocks. Lee Metal gives out $0.035 dividend annually which translates to 10.94% dividend yield. Very impressive dividend for a company that has so little market cap in such a big industry.

In terms of share price, it’s also making a downtrend, meaning that it’s cheaper for me to purchase if I do purchase it. However, it has come down to an …