Last year, I mentioned to coconut in the comments that I doubled my futures trading account for 2013.

This year 2014, I tripled it.

Yup, for those good in math, you will immediately realise I’ve got a 6 bagger in 2 years.

A small speculative trading account has turned into a respectable size. (I only wished my investment account had the same performance!)

Did I planned for it? Was it the result of my goal setting?

If you are asking these questions, you may want to pause and reflect got logic or not?

I can think of 2 possible explanations:

1. Luck.

There are losing streaks, and there are winning streaks. I could just happen to be in a winning streak now. Better enjoy it while it last!

2. Sharpening the saw

My secondary 2 Geography teacher Mdm Foo motivated us “slower” students by saying:

“Others study 10 minutes they understand, you need 7 hours to understand – so be it! Once you understand, there’s no difference.”

I never doubled or tripled my trading account when I had a day job. I guess I am not as brilliant as those who just spend 10 minutes a day can make money trading part-time already…

Maybe spending more time in improving my trading craftsmanshiip – the hands on kind as in improving my entries and exits – finally paid off?

You “hao lian” show-off lah!

Maybe. Mouth in your face, you can say whatever you want.

For the past 3 years, when strangers ask what I do, I would say I am taking a sabbatical from full time work.

From today onwards, I’ll say I am a Trader.

I trade to achieve; I invest in order not to lose.

Singapore Man of Leisure (welcome to my blog; just google it!)