In another Turtle Investor exclusive, some of you would be delighted to know that Vanguard will be launching a new S&P 500 ETF to be listed in Hong Kong in 2015 around the month of June. Slightly disappointed that it isn’t a global index, but we shall look at it as baby steps, huh? With indexes tracking Japan, Asia Ex-Japan, Europe and soon-to-be US, it is only a matter of time before a total US market and a global index tracker pops up.

Wait a minute – you don’t have to start Googling right away since you will most likely not find anything on this. Not yet, anyway.

Kyith from Investment Moats was kind enough to give my blog post on Establishing A Bogleheads Portfolio a plug earlier on. In a brief comments exchange, he mentioned that perhaps we should write in to Vanguard HK regarding a global index ETF.

Well, …