The stock-picking strategy had been a great way to ride the post-coup rally in the SET this year. Despite the eventful year, the SET is still up about 16% YTD, not too shabby. The STI is somewhere… I have no idea. I have not kept track of the STI for a long time, only some individual stocks.

I am being proactive this year by making myself stop all activity early, curb that itchy-hand habit and be happy with what I have achieved this year. I am almost fully vested in my baht holdings, while I have been building up my SGD cash.

My regrets this year are TICON, SPCG and Sheng Siong. These are companies that I have prepared my homework for, and for some reason I just passed them over for others.

Several themes materialized throughout the year and I foresee myself to be heavily involved in sectors like …