I am very pleased to publish another thoughtful guest blog by EY. If you are concerned about retirement funding adequacy and if you wonder how it could be achieved in a risk free manner, you should read this:

A big part of my retirement planning revolves around optimising my CPF-SA to generate at least $2,000 of monthly cash flow at 65 years old. With this in mind, I set the target at 32 years old to meet the CPF Minimum Sum by 40.

I hit 40 more than a week ago and have managed to accumulate $161,671.23 in my CPF-SA which coincides with the CPF Minimum Sum of $161,000 effective 1 Jul 2015.

Assuming that I continue to contribute $4,800 (based on approx. 14 months of income) to CPF-SA till 55 years old, my CPF-SA balance would grow to $391,833 by then…