The culmination of 2014 marks my 8th year since the start of my investment journey, and the 6th year since investing directly in the stock markets. Ok, so I’m a late starter. But better late than never.

I shall not count those early years of insurance linked policies since my National Service days. Those were just done in a blind and oblivious manner. Lost years!]

Despite the ups and downs (State of the Economy – 2014), the STI has achieved over 6% in 2014. With dividends included, the total return would be in the region of 8-9%.

My stock investment has returned an IRR of 10.3% for 2014, inclusive dividends. This compares poorly compared to the previous years’ returns of 21.6% (2013) and 39.0% (2012). 2014’s performance has therefore dragged down my long term IRR from 20.6% (5 years) down to 17….