With this month’s update, the 15HWW household has tracked its expenses conscientiously for 17 straight months (starting from Aug 13) and there’s also finally a calendar year of expenses. I would probably be spending some time in the next couple of weeks to dissect this huge amount of data which I am pretty excited about! (What a numbers geek I am… *sigh*)

And let’s just start with the most obvious: The entire year’s expenditure

After including this month’s expenses of $4104, both of us have spent a total of ~$59,000 for the whole of 2014. That’s 50% above the target of $40,000. But I do remember the caveat of excluding vacations for that target. So if the expenses for both the Taiwan and Australian trip and the jewellery were taken out, total expenses should comfortably sit within $50,000.

Nonetheless, these are still money spent and it’s good to know that …