Just For Thinking …

Depending on who you ask for financial opinion or investment idea.

You will likely to get the answer or response based on that person’s experience or encounter for that question.
When you asked Uncle8888 …

Top up CPF SA from CPF OA?
Yes. But, he only did once and never again.

How come?

For an example, when we transfer $100K from our CPF OA to CPF SA, we indirectly will “lose” $35K as War Chest in our CPF Investment Account.

The fact, we may be trading off potential P/L on this $35K War Chest for fixed 1.5% CAGR in our CPF SA year on year till the next market crash to deploy our war chest.
So it is really about “A bird in the hand is worth waiting for many more birds in the bush”?

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Do we strongly believe …