I am sure quite a number of us here really having a “hard time” in making a decision (choice) whether to buy or sell.

I’m sharing my experience in general here without some details. I present some numbers on my amount of lost, this is just to encourage for those who are in similar situation now, so that you can learn something here.

2002 – 2003

I started with “Investing” as a naive person. I just know a TA method so called: Moving-Average Cross Over Technic, from a colleague.
I didn’t attend any course whatsoever. Just use internet, own research. I didn’t learn FA at all.

I bought Chartered Semiconductor at about $2 (delisted already) from the high about if remember correctly, $4 during Internet bubble. So, I thought, wow 50% discount from the high!
But, then SARS came, and the company didn’t make it…
I also doing contra tradings …