You’ll be surprised quite a few people don’t know the etiquette in asking questions during public forums.

Graduates you have less of an excuse in not knowing.

Unless you have never been to a talk/seminar/panel discussion from a visiting Professor or Esteem Speaker…

Remember this?

“Hello, I am Mickey Mouse, 2nd year student from Can’t Make It faculty, University of Guodolongdong.

My question is addressed to that speaker with no hair.

Mumble, mumble, mumble.”

Yes, do introduce:

a) who you are,

b) say a bit of yourself, and

c) whether your question is to the whole panel (who actually answers does not matter to you), or is it directed to a specific speaker on the panel.

Who are you?

I was going to say there’s no such thing as anonymity when you’re asking a question in public and in the flesh.

But then, the Oat Meal Guy has appeared on stage with his Ip Man and Blues Brother combo cosplay outfit… Like that also can!?

I guess I were wrong.

I think it would be super awesome if some of you can come this Saturday in your cosplay outfits?

“Hello, I am Batman. I’m from Gotham City.”

Now how cool is that!!!

Eh! We take a selfie together after the talk?

Say a bit of yourself

Imagine if you asked a money question to the panel this Saturday, do you think there is a difference in the replies if you introduced yourself as:

1) Newbie investor

2) Experienced investor

3) Full time/part-time investor (Retired is full-time lah! Even though you spend more time chasing after skirts at OG Chinatown. Your old lecher you!)

What do you think?

Of course it doesn’t matter – that’s if you are OK with one size fits all platitudes, you know those lukewarm, not painful, not itchy patronizing replies?

Question to whom?

Have you been to panel discussions where the panel speakers look at each other like blur sotongs? They give each other the “You answer can?” pleading look. That’s what happens when they get difficult questions that’s almost impossible to answer!

Do that if you are merely into asking rhetorical questions. And feeling smug you have just stumped the speakers in public. You huh!

But if you are interested in getting a genuine opinion to a difficult question that’s vexing you for a long time, may I suggest you throw this “hot potato” to a specific speaker in the panel?

The speaker will either answer you directly, or ask for help from other panelists.

That’s how you get their undivided attention without the “Taiji”!

Those coming this Saturday

Feel free to ask me any questions during the Q&A session – sex, religion, politics – anything is boleh unless its about money.

Please hor!  I’m a grasshopper, a man-whore, and some say – a snake-oil salesman!

Your trust me with money matters?

The only money I’m interested in is how to transfer the money in your pocket to my pocket!

Singapore Man of Leisure (welcome to my blog; just google it!)