I did not see any indications of the potential size of electricity orders in future, but to put things in perspective, Singapore’s total licensed electricity generation capacity was 12,521 MW in 2014, while Laos’ hydropower plants have a capacity of about 3230 MW with the potential to increase to 28,000 MW.

In 2013, total electricity generation in Singapore was 4124 ktoe (48 TWh), while Singapore’s total electricity consumption was 45 TWh in 2013. Electricity tariff from Jan-Mar2015 is 23.29 cents/kWh.

I know some of the numbers are outdated but I think they shouldn’t be too far from +/- 2% in Singapore’s context.

I have a really weak understanding of all these energy stuff, not to mention power transformers or transmission. If anyone has a sense of all these, please share them with me!

What I am trying to wrap my head around is really this; are we really going …