I just attended AK’s first chit-chat session held at the International Plaza this evening.

Took 1/2 day off from work and went there early around 4:30 pm to reminisce and see how much of Anson I can remember. It’s been more than 30 years now…

I spent 4 carefree years (1980-1983) at Gan Eng Seng School during my secondary school days when our campus was located at Anson – just next to International Plaza.

Now I see the old school campus has been replaced by Mapletree Anson and ICON Anson. What a gold mine our school was sitting on!

So much has changed! Thank goodness the Tanjong Pagar food centre is still around, albeit renovated and most of the old stalls are gone… Hello! It’s been 30 years!!!

Very happy the City God temple is still around and untouched. That’s where our back school gate was located and I still have fond memories of buying “black char-guay” from the push cart hawker uncle there – it was the chunky version where we can eat with tooth-picks.

Opps! I think I have the same disease as AK – we both can go off tangent when we talk… LOL!

I would recommend those of you who are regular readers of AK’s blog to attend future sessions of his.

But don’t go if all you want is to find out what stocks AK is buying… You won’t hear anything new that’s not already written in his blog.

Go instead to find out more about AK as a person. To seek verification; or to kick the tyre so to speak.

Is AK in person the same as he is when he blogs? Does he walk the talk? Use your 6th sense – are you comfortable meeting him in person? Trust your instincts.

OK, not so easy when AK is wearing his Ip Man and Blues Brothers cosplay outfit – without seeing his facial expressions and eyes, can be hard for me too!

Thankfully, AK is a “performer”. Trust me, you won’t get bored; you’ll be entertained. AK is funny!

The real test of this evening’s encounter is – if you have a daughter or sister, and she brings AK home as her boyfriend, would you cringe or would you go “Hey, good catch!”

Why am I focusing on the personality aspect of meeting AK live in person?

Go ask your mother or grandma why they like to poke the fish when they go to the supermarkets?

Singapore Man of Leisure (welcome to my blog; just google it!)