Thank you for those who has participated. 600 votes is a new milestone and I already have a few other polls in mind. Stay tuned.

Base on the results, the number of people who will carry on with Standard Chartered Online Equities Trading  is almost the same as those who will drop out and I am one of those who voted “No”. However a fair number of people (25.67%) are still undecided. Standard Chartered has already given their assurance but I would think they need to do better to convince this group of people else based on my poll results, Standard Chartered may have already lost 35% of their customers. They probably will not see the impact immediately since most people will not cancel their account but just leave it idle like me

An interesting trend is that there were much more people (in terms of percentage) who voted “Yes” when the poll started, the “No” votes picked up during the middle of the poll followed by the undecided votes near the end of the poll.

Poll - Will you continue to use Standard Chartered Online Equities Trading

Poll Results

What do you think of the results? Is it a fair reflection of what you are hearing from your friends?