I would like to build on Budget Babe’s very interesting rant on The Real Singapore.

In this very exciting article Budget Babe extends the idea that it is not prudent to for Singaporean men to spend too much money to impress women.

As a financial blogger of the Income Investing school of thought, I want to take Budget babe’s ideas further and insist that guys pay NOTHING when dating Singapore women.

Ok… That’s not very honest of me… I’m proposing that guys pay nothing out of their salaries on Singapore women because dating can be free if you employ your investing income to pay for all dates, FOREVER !

The current market is pretty conducive to dividends investors, an investor can build a portfolio that has three components :

  • Large Blue-chips like Venture can give about 5-6% yields.
  • REITs like AIMS REIT which can give up to 7-8% yields.
  • Business Trusts …