I was at Centrepoint yesterday to catch a glimpse of the lion dance performing. Whenever there is lion dance, it always reminded me that CNY is coming!!! Yes, we are just days from Lunar New Year and I am sure that the lion dance troupes in Singapore are getting ready for the 1st to 15th days.

So how much does it cost to engage a lion dance troupe? There are many considerations to this.

Firstly, the price during CNY is much cheaper than normal occasion. Secondly, if you live in HDB, the rate will be cheaper than landed property, Hotel, Company etc. Third, Depending on the popularity of the troupe, is it an award winning team? There are a handful of troupes that are certainly in demand. You see them every year in Chinatown countdown show, Famous Shopping Centres or for event companies.

Some will invite twin lion dance, or …