Once in a while, we may take things for granted and forget that the world we live in is not as ideal as we expect it to be. For every Groupon.sg or Deal.com.sg (I have had good experiences with both), there is sure to be other less popular deal sites, some with devious business models that is not focused on selling things.

Word of advice – don’t be too quick to click on that unbelievable deal or offer you just saw online, even if it has hundreds of likes or shares. Take a quick glance at the comments. If it is too good to be true, it probably is.

At least try to read the fine prints before clicking on OK or Confirm!

1) Save The Deals [$34.90/mth]

Exclusive offers for $35 refund vouchers? Yippee! Unlimited access to members area! Why wait? Save The Deals! But then, …