Noble Group was the biggest decliner among blue chips, falling 7.9% to $1.11. Some 63.6 million shares changed hands.

Noble’s plunge followed a report that alleged the supply chain manager had exploited the accounting treatment of its associates in order to avoid huge impairments and to fabricate profits.

The company has rejected the allegations.

Alleged Report

Full report by Iceberg Research found here.

Noble Target Price – 10 cents! 

Summary of Findings: 

Noble exploits the accounting treatment of its associates to avoid large impairments and fabricate profit. 

Yancoal is the most representative example, with a gap of $600m between the carrying and market values. However, the accounting technique has been used for other companies. 

Contrary to what Noble’s management claims, the misfortunes of these associates have a substantial cash impact on Noble. 

The proclaimed recovery of the Agri business in 2014 …