Yesterday I only had a half day at work, so I thought I’d write up about these 2 Gold companies that are listed on the SGX.

I think a lot of people hear about LionGold (LG) and get a bit anxious and uncomfortable. That’s normal, since they crashed along with the other penny stocks, Asiaons and Blumont. Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to invest in it.

I never knew that there was another gold mining company listed on the SGX. Have you even heard of CNMC Gold Mines (CNMC)? Well, once I had stumbled upon it last week, I carefully peered into their financials and I was quite surprised with what I found.

Compared to LG, CNMC has a market cap about 10 times larger! CNMC is actually a profitable gold mine and their costs are much lower compared to LG. LG is not even making money at this …