Some of you may have read my piece on how Gushcloud spent a bomb on a poor response to Xiaxue’s expose on their business when Xiaxue wrote about her investigations into Gushcloud’s questionable business ethics last December.

If you haven’t already seen Part 2, you may read it here, where local telco SingTel gets implicated as well this time.

My analysis this time focuses on what Gushcloud and its influencers did wrong, as well as what Singtel did right in contrast. Due to their actions, we can safely assume that the damage done to SingTel will blow over in a matter of months (or even weeks, perhaps?) whereas I’m not quite sure if Gushcloud and its implicated influencers will ever recover back the trust they’ve lost.

Let’s take a look.

P.S. If you’re lazy, you can just read the bolded parts + the pictures to get …