For a very long time, Singaporeans were deprived from investing in good financial products.

Bond has always been the cornerstone of financial institutions and high net worth individuals’s investment portfolio. However, most bonds in Singapore had a high entry barrier such as $250,000 which makes it exclusive to the wealthy.

When retail investors battling in stock markets with bloodshed, bond investors often sit at the beach enjoying their lives and collecting the coupons. (If you are not familiar with bond and want to check out how it works, you can check out the introduction to bond investment in Singapore.)

Fortunately, with the impending changes in CPF and potentially a whole new retirement system, MAS is finally open up and launching a new product called “Singapore Savings Bonds”.

What are “Singapore Savings Bonds”?

They are a new type of government bond, which is designed to make low-cost investment options more widely available to retail …