Wa, really keep going up ar? SELL!!!!

I bought Valuetronics almost exactly 6 months (and a week) ago for a fantastic price of just $0.30 a share. From my analysis back then, I thought Valuetronics was an unbelievably flashing buy. I was only hoping that it would go even lower so that I could totally back up the truck. At $0.26, I would be paying $1 for every $1 they had in their bank and getting the entire business free.

Just two months ago I did a follow up on Valuetronics again. Share price had gone up to $0.45 in just 4 months representing a massive 50% capital gains. I was debating with myself if I should take my money off the table and leave, or if I should continue sitting tight and see where we end up.

Today, the share price hit a high of $0….