Five things on this week, month,Week & Mth:

  1. PH on Friday
  2. Paycheck’s week!
  3. Buying more ugly monsters!
  4. Blog Upgrading !
  5. First dividend payout month! Expecting : $44.75

Hong Fok Corporation Limited

Conclusion time – Yes, you didn’t read wrongly, it’s time for conclusion! This is one of the counter that doesn’t required much explanation. I believe so:)

  • Mkt. Cap. = 743M.
  • Investment propertyTotal liabilities1.3B!
  • So the different of the two figures = 553M, and that gives a upside of  75%! WOW! So now you see it, what are there more to analyse?

Then why isn’t the market react to it? No BS Market inefficiency explanation. A few things to point out – first, look at the big fat remuneration the management is getting! Somewhere about $18m for 2014. And look at other companies that are in the same industry:

Sim Lian = $13.5M,
Metro = $10.4M,
Wing …