Banks need money and seems the slowest of them all, UOB seems to be finally waking up to try to wrestle some of our deposits over. The unanimous winner have been OCBC with their 360 account, which provides up to 3% interest if you do 3 things with them.

However since Apr 2015 this year, OCBC have make it more difficult to earn this 3% with more clauses.

It is a good opportunity for UOB to prey upon our hurt and hate by offering their new UOB ONE Account.

The UOB One Account looks to offer us up to 2% and 3.33% interest for up to $50,000 in 12 months if we bank with them.

To earn up to 2% interest, you can just spend at least $500 every month on the UOB One card for 12 months.

to earn up to 3.33% interest, you need to …