Visit a show room recently so thought i pen something to share from my learning just on this. Elsewhere maybe different as i am no property expert. Read this as my personal thought talking to myself and not advise.

Room Size

The show room units are truly well designed. Is a promise of future living. However rooms are really small if you are “HDB type”. And if you plan to wait longer so that it can grow bigger in future, we may need to accept it that is not going to happen even if price gets significantly lower.


Kitchen, Flooring, Air Con, Toilet, Doors are all done up. The lights are excluded. Conceit piping/wirings.

Fridge and Washing/Dryer machine provided. There is a glass section through the kitchen.

If i am to value it, maybe 100k effort max.


Is quite huge. In fact, 2/3 of the land mass. The …