As per my usual modus operandi, I am constantly on the search for shitty looking stocks. I love to buy when people love to sell. I love to sell it people want to buy it. I’m a psychopath that way.

Apsial and Fragrance look pretty darn ugly as a property plays. Unlike it’s peers like Wing Tai and Ho Bee which have recently shot up about 15%, they have been hovering at recent lows.

All 3 oil palm planters that I look at, Bumitama, Golden Agri and First Resources are looking decently ugly enough to consider. Indofoods has too low of a dividend yield to entice me, while Wilmar seems a bit too pricey for me.

Food Empire is looking more and more tantalizing, especially with the Ruble recovering so much from it’s previous panic attack. From SGD/RUB of 25-30 before the Ukraine incident, it shot up to 50, but …