“Facebook reminds me of Friendster.”

“Very few teenagers are using Facebook nowadays.  They are all switching to Instagram.”

“But Instagram is owned by Facebook!”

“Ahh but Instagram is not monetised yet.”

“LinkedIn just bought over Lynda!  OMG think of the possibilities!”

“Isn’t Facebook coming up with a platform to compete with LinkedIn?”

“I use LinkedIn to poach staff.  It is BETTER than any other job search website.”

“They are way over-valued.”

“PE 80.”

“PS 16 and PS 14.”

Damn.  End of discussion.  Or so I thought.

Ever since I read the news about LinkedIn buying over Lynda.com, social media companies have been on my mind.  I am a big bull for online-education and the Lynda.com acquisition seemed like a shrewd, strategic move that promises so much synergy …