A happy email from a reader:

Hi AK, 

Thank you for taking photos with me and my friends yesterday (i.e. 2 May 2015) at the conference. I was so happy the whole evening because I got a personal photo shot with my favorite blogger ;) Thank you for the chance, AK! 
And thank you for being there to share your investing philosophy – my friends and I will be patient to build our war chests, and take opportunities when the bear comes knocking on our doors! 
May I ask you a question? Can one attain financial freedom by investing in the Singapore stock market only or other more?  
I have many friends who invest in the US stock market, because it is volatile and offers good capital gain (and losses). But till now, I stayed out of it, as I do not understand the high P/E and high fluctuations – it seems so out-of-sync …