Time flies this year for me. In a blink of eye, 4 months had past. I had been extremely busy in work since the start of the year. This is primarily because of my company being acquired by a bigger company and an expanded role. Do not envy, no commensurated-salary increment! :(

I returned to office last week, after a fortnight of ICT, and work is piling. To make things worst, in the next month or so, my schedules are already packed either with overseas travel or visitors coming to Singapore.

For all my ill-fated busy work schedule, I still appreciate that I am at least able to have weekend free, for my family including my 4-month old, and also time for myself.

When time is so limited primarily for earning money, we often lament “how to achieve Work Life Balance?”

What is Work Life Balance (WLB)?

Few days …