Perhaps it is against my better judgement, but I have taken the smallest nibble possible into SembCorp Ind. (3% weight in my portfolio)

SembCorp Ind isn’t a bad company. Nice big company with 50% government ownership. Plus, I know they take out the trash in my estate. Am I going to fire them? I don’t even know how to.

Why against my better judgement? Well, I think Oil has yet to bottom still. I know right, what a douche. But that’s just what I think. I ain’t forcing my thoughts down your thought and transmitting a short-sell order to your broker for USO on your behalf. If Oil goes lower, we should expect related industries to go lower as well.

Plus, if Gartman goes long Oil, damn, you better be careful.

I also know that some people at SembCorp are bored to death, staring at the ceiling waiting for …