If you dropped or found 10 cents on the floor, would you pick up? Many people won’t, but Warren Buffett, the world’s richest person, certainly does.

His concept is, with each penny you pick up, thousands of dollars will come to you in the future.

I personally notice a lot of people do not bother to pick up money that they dropped by accident. Maybe they feel undignified to pick up such a small amount, or they think it was not meant to be theirs.

In my previous post “You could be richer than you think” , I mentioned $68.3 million worth of unclaimed shares and dividends are still sitting in SGX.

Today I will demystify why people are not interested in getting back their own money.

Pinnacle Notes, 1/3 people want their money back, 2/3 want none

I am sure you hear of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, …