A blog reader, Shimamoto, recently asked me about updates on my old post regarding J-REITs and Saizen REIT (Singapore listed J-REIT). Saizen REIT is actually the 2nd biggest position that I have in my humble portfolio, so it is also in my own interests to re-look at this space and see what is going on.

I went to Bloomberg, checked on my old list of residential J-REITs (I will just refer to all of them as J-REITs, but I am actually only referring to the Residential ones, and not any other sectors) and came up with this new data:

In all honesty, the only that has actually changed with J-REITs are that they are now a heck of a lot more expensive.

From quick eyeballing of a few of the charts (my internet is so slow today, so I am too lazy to check all the charts), it looks …