Remember during October 2014 when the splashed this headline?

More than a thousand Jetstar passengers face delays, cancellations and luggage headache
I remember reading that article back then and realised the ground handler back then was ASIG, Jetstar’s new ground handler. Being vested in SATS, I was secretly laughing at the airline for not using SATS (or rather, abandoning SATS for ASIG).

Shortly after, MOM got involved in this case for ASIG’s alleged staff salary issue. Boy, things just ain’t working out isn’t it?

Now, you can probably guess where this is going….

According to UBS’ report today, Jetstar is set to return to SATS for their ground handling services from 22 July 2015 onwards.

Quote as follow:

Major implications for industry profitability
More importantly, this marks a return to the duopoly situation in the ground handling scene at Changi Airport, with SATS enjoying a c. 80% market share vs. 20% …