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Met Mr. K

It was a 4-5 hours flight journey back from Fuzhou to Singapore. On the plane, a smart old man was seated beside me. Let’s call him Mr. K in his late 60s age from what I was told. His age though, is very much concealed by his radiant skin, healthy physique and energetic character!

Apparently both Mr. K and my “wavelengths” are within same bandwidth, therefore, soon after, a four-hour conversation transpired between us. Mr. K began telling that he started a factory in Fujian to produce herbal medicines. These medicines include Lingzhi and various other types of medicinal oils. There is also a protected area in Fujian called Wu Yi Shan where very good air quality exists. This is the place where he can cultivate his herbal medicines to the highest quality. Research is also done in collaboration with …