We compiled a list of the Top 5 Worst part time jobs last week.  This week, we are examining the Top 5 Best part time jobs in Singapore for students.  Try to recall some jobs that were particularly memorable to you.  Why were they worth remembering?  Did you have a great experience at those jobs?  Did you learn a lot from those jobs?  Let us take a deeper look at the spinning cogs of part time jobs Singapore.

5. Bartender

That’s right.  Being a bartender is one of the coolest jobs you can snag as a student.  Of course, you must be of legal age to partake in this job.  This part time job does not just earn you some moolah, it earns you some much needed street cred.

Are you wearing 3-inch thick glasses, have zillions of pimples and you are currently in your school’s chess club?  Then …