Seems like I’ve been writing quite a few articles on SATS. Previously I last wrote an article about the minor catalyst for SATS – Jetstar. Now, I’m discussing another potential good news for SATS again.

MERS outbreak in South Korea has been widely reporting for the past few weeks. Although no official travel advisory has been issued by the Korean government nor WHO, we know that thus far the disease seems highly contagious. Whether or not the actual figure is higher than reported in anyone’s guesses.

This recent news says “Travelers from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong cancelled more than 85 percent of the trips, the Korean Tourism Organization said”

I sincerely hope that MERS will stop spreading and the situation in Korea improves very soon.

Korea’s largest tourist source country
No surprise, for April 2015, China takes up 46% of Korea’s inbound tourists.

2014 first three quarters …