I sold Parkson Retail Asia for a loss of 10%.

There are 3 risks which have surfaced since I last bought it and out of which, I think 2 will have really undesirable consequences which I didn’t account for when I brought it. So I cut loss.

1) Ringgits continue to weaken, although I expect weak currency to continue, the pace which it is weakening is leading to a more scary second reason

2) (http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/ringgit-declines-as-fitch-flags-possible-rating-cut-in-malaysia)

Possible downgrade by rating company Fitch. Although it is not a sure thing, and consquences unknown, it is seldom pleasant when a downgrade occur. Capital flight when US raises interest rate is a real threat with real percussion to the economy. It never rains but pour for Malaysia recently, with the 1MDB scandal and Mahathir’s Salvos all unnecessary distractions. The constant flow of bad news from Malaysia Airline is  not helping matters…