First things first.

I did not say it. Official media says so:

Wish you had transferred that excess money to SA, didn’t you?
That means only 15% of CPF investors have earned the right to KPKB at Hong Lim Park?

Walk down memory lane (Context and Perspective)

1 May 1986 : Approved Investment Scheme (AIS) introduced. Members are
allowed to use up to 40 percent of their CPF savings to buy gold,
shares, unit trusts and stocks.

1 Oct 1993 : The Basic Investment
Scheme (BIS) and the Enhanced Investment Scheme (EIS) were introduced
to replace the Approved Investment Scheme. Members are allowed to set
aside a higher portion of their CPF savings (80 percent) for approved

1 Jan 1997 : The Basic Investment Scheme (BIS) and
the Enhanced Investment Scheme (EIS) were merged to form the CPF
Investment Scheme (CPFIS).

If I’m a Property agent…

To clients who vacillate between investing in properties or equities, I’ll ask them to verify with their peers, parents, etc; this simple question:

For each CPF dollar spent on their HDB or private properties, compare it with their equivalent CPF dollar performance they had “invested” under the various AIS, EIS, CPFIS schemes.  

The statistical odds are on my side. Wink.

If I’m a Remisier…

1986 till today, how many years do we need before it’s considered “long term” investing?

OK, if we want to split hairs, we throw out AIS and EIS. We only consider CPIS.

1997? Isn’t that the Asian Financial Crisis? Starting at the low doesn’t help after 18 years?

We just had a 6 years bull market since March 2009. I would have thought there’s more tail wind support!?

What happen to the fabled equities will likely “grow” 8% per year mantra?

Look, if more retail clients stick with buy and hold or switch to passive indexing, I’ll go in the way of the dodo birds too…

Now its the time to “educate” my clients on how to be nimble!

Avoid using words like trading or speculating. Some clients have a Pavlov revulsion to these words. Yes, nimble is a good word. While I’m at it, I’ll slip in the art of “shorting”. I’ll just call it – “Flying with both wings”. I’m good or what?

Just as long my clients do the nimble dance, the sun will not set on me yet. Not during my watch anyway!

If I’m an Insurance agent

Buy term invest the rest?

Just as long the Wholelife and Endowment policies I’m touting outperform the CPF 2.5% interest, I’m good to go! 

I’ll avoid ILPs though as they will likely come back to bite me… Repeat business and referrals are my life blood. One time carrot-head chopping deals are more for Sim Lim snake oils… I’ll pass. Thank you very much!

If I’m into Personal Finance education

I must get a hold on the name list of those 85% who under performs the “low” CPF hurdle rate of 2.5% interest!!!

Buy me a meal?

Anyone interested to hire a 2nd rate has-been snake oil like me on a freelance consultancy basis?

Don’t worry. My fees are cheaper than foreign talents (or non talents).

Just buy me a meal and I’ll sing for you like a canary!

Let’s sell ice to Eskimos!

Singapore Man of Leisure (welcome to my blog; just google it!)