Solace is a regular guest blogger here at ASSI and he has shared generously, without any agenda, his thoughts on personal finance and investment matters. He is sharing with us a conversation he had with a friend recently:

I had a conversation with a friend recently about FD, Singapore Saving Bonds (SSB), OCBC 360 and CPF.

Friend: u know hor, now got SSB, very good, very stupid to put money in FD.

Me: if u aim 10yrs, then it is better than FD, but if gt saving targets of 1-4 yrs, yearly renewal in FD for 1.X% is higher.

Friend: Then like that, isn’t OCBC 360 better than FD. But I think I looking for long term risk free like 10 yrs.

Me: ocbc 360 can be better than FD only if u meet all their criteria plus they could change their terms and conditions anytime. since u want …