How likely are you to eat a Hershey’s Kiss?

Back in 2006, Cornell University researcher Brian Wansink and his colleagues James Painter and Yeon-Kyung Lee conducted an experiment to find out.

For Secretaries Week, they gave all the secretaries in an office building some nice, covered containers with 30 Hershey’s Kisses each. The secretaries were told that the gifts were not to be shared.

There was just one difference: Half of the containers were clear, while the other half were opaque.

Every night after the secretaries had gone home, the researchers counted how many Hershey’s Kisses they had eaten and refilled the containers (If this happened to me, I sure wouldn’t tell anyone that I had magic chocolate refills every night). This continued for two weeks.

Here’s what the researchers found:

Secretaries who had been given the opaque containers ate an average of 4.6 Kisses per day, while those who …