Recently I had an argument with a good friend about how she hardly listens or give credit to my suggestions, until someone else (whom she trusts more, and who is a self-made millionaire) says the exact same thing

My personal mantra is to always give every idea a chance. Because if you do what my friend does, by listening to the “experts”:

Credits here. Coincidentally, this is also what I teach my kids during our GP tuition
sessions. Unfortunately not enough people understand the sheer importance of this
concept (fallacies in general), and even fewer people understand how to
apply it effectively in life.

Since young, I’ve learnt to avoid saying “I told you so” (if you’re wondering why, read this) so I didn’t say it despite the fact that I’ve been proven right on multiple, multiple occasions, such as:

(i) Lesson #1: Singaporeans tend to think cheap prices …