Pffft, and you guys think that I’m the crazy one with conspiracy theories?

Property cooling measures being influenced by elections is just about one of the stupidest theories that I’ve ever heard, and yet every mother son donkey hamster cow chicken keeps repeating it.

Also along the same train of thought is that the “gahmen” will give out a lot of “freebies/goodies” when elections are coming to “keep everyone happy”.

Apparently this is the type of government that everyone want, giving them kool-aid whenever they want or else they will throw a tantrum. Be a well-behaved sedated farm animal. Aww, good boy!

I refuse to believe that our government policies are based on “making the Yes-men happy” but are instead focused on “what is best for everyone in the long run”. This article, along with other things I have seen coming from the government shows that their line of …