Let’s do a fun test to see what and how we feel if we were to compare to people who are so call better than us in many aspects. Be it their lifestyle, wealth, health, knowledge or experiences.

For simplicity, Mr. or he narrated here can also mean Ms. or she.

Mr. X – The Financial Literate

Assuming Mr. X stays in HDB, does not own car, normal employee in the day with median household income. Frugal and contended, X has a happy family and a healthy lifestyle. He saves, invests and seeing his annual financial portfolio grow each year so far, has made him really proud. To enrich himself, Mr. X reads and blogs regularly. To add icing to the cake, Mr. X-variance may even have a 7-figure portfolio with 6-figure passive income. For some reasons, he also likes to announce his portfolio, his stock buy, and …