Some of you might have seen the article “Highly trained, middle-aged and out of work” yesterday. A friend sent me the link while I was backstage preparing for my performance, so I only managed to read it today.

What really stood out for me was the fact that a former GM (who earned $15,000 a month) and a former Head of Asia Sales (earning over $25,000 monthly) were unable to find jobs that would pay them the same which they used to draw at the peak of their careers.

Presuming you earn $25,000 a month, you would have $1 million after working for slightly over 3 years.

Even if you save only 25% of your income, that’s still a lot of money!

However, the problem, as BullytheBear rightfully pointed out, is that for many people, higher earnings also leads to higher expenditures. I’ve personally experienced this myself as well. For …